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                Dwyer 数字热式风速仪 471B系列



                The Model 471B Digital Thermo Anemometers Are Versatile Dual Function Instruments That Quickly And Easily Measure Air Velocity Or Volumetric Flow Plus Air
                Temperature In Imperial Or Metric Units. High Contrast LCD Display Shows Both Selected,Readings Simultaneously. Convenient Backlight Provides Perfect Visibility In Low Light Conditions. Light Automatically Shuts Off After 2-1/2 Minutes To Prolong Battery Life. Low Battery Warning Is Included. Stainless Steel Probe With Comfortable Hand Grip Is Etched With Insertion Depth Marks From 0 To 8 Inches And 0 To 20 Cm. Extruded Aluminum Housing Fully Protects Electronics, Yet Is Lightweight And Comfortable To Hold Even When Taking Multiple Readings As Part Of Duct Traverses. Up To 99 Readings May Be Stored For Later Retrieval. An Integral Sliding Cover Protects Sensors When Not In Use. Items Included With The 471B Are 9 Volt Alkaline Battery, Sensing Probe, Wrist Strap And Custom Carrying Case.
                Service: Air Velocity And Temperature Of Clean, Dry Air.
                Temperature Limits:
                Process Air Velocity: -20 To 212°F (-29 To 100°C);
                Process Temperature: -40 To 212°F (-40 To 100°C);
                Ambient: 5 To 125°F (-15 To 51°C).
                Display: 4.5 Digit LCD.
                Resolution: 0.1%, 0.1 °F/°C.
                Range Air Velocity: 0 To 6000 FPM (0 To 30 M/S).
                Accuracy Air Velocity: ±3% FS Within Temperature Range Of 40 To 90°F (4 To
                Range Volumetric Air Flow: 19,999 In Selected Flow Units.
                Range Temperature: -40 To 212°F (-40 To 100°C).
                Accuracy Temperature: ±0.5°F (±0.28°C) From 32 To 122°F (0 To 50°C); ±1.5°F
                (±0.83°C) From -40 To 32°F (-40 To 0°C) & 122 To 212°F (50 To 100°C).
                Probe Length: 8? (203 Mm) Insertion.
                Cable Length: 28? (71 Cm) Retracted, 6 Ft (183 Cm) Extended.
                Power Requirements: 9 V Alkaline Battery, Installed Non-Functional, User
                Weight: 16 Oz (454 G).
                Agency Approvals: CE.
                Model 471B-1, Digital Thermo Anemometer Includes 9V Battery,
                Sensing Probe, Wrist Strap, Soft Carrying Case And Instructions
                ADDITIONAL PARTS
                AP1, Thermo Anemometer Air Velocity & Temperature Probe
                With Coiled Cable
                UHH-C1, Soft Carrying Case