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                Dwyer 数住手字式温湿度计 485B系列


                Model 485B Digital Thermo-Hygrometer Is A Versatile, Compact, Hand-Held Instrument For Measuring Percentage Of Relative Humidity And Temperature In °F Or °C. Dew Point And Wet Bulb Temperature Is Derived From Relative Humidity And Temperature Measurements And Displayed On The LCD. Hold Key Freezes The Current Temperature And Relative Humdity Readings For Situations Where Readings Fluctuate. Store Up To 99 Readings With The Nonvolatile Memory Function – Ideal For Technicians Needing To Take Multiple Readings For Later Analysis.
                Service: Humidity, Temperature, Wet Bulb And Dew Point Temperature Detection In Clean Air. 

                Measures % RH, Temperature, Dew Point and Wet Bulb

                Temperature Limits: 
                Process: -40 To 176°F (-40 To 80°C); 
                Ambient: 5 To 125°F (-15 To 51°C). 

                Range Relative Humidity: 0 To 100% (Non-Condensing). 

                Accuracy Relative Humidity: ±2% FS Over 10 To 90% @ 77°F (25°C). 

                Range Temperature: -20 To 140°F (-28 To 60°C). 

                Accuracy Temperature: ±0.9°F @ 72°F (±0.3°C @ 25°C). 

                Display: 4.5 Digit LCD. 

                Resolution: 0.1%, 0.1 °F/°C. 

                Probe Length: 8" (203 Mm) Insertion. 

                Power Requirements: 9 V Alkaline Battery, Installed, Non-Functional, User Replaceable. 

                Weight: 16 Oz (454 G). 

                Agency Approvals: CE.